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What Clients Say

"Kamal Yoga Studio has become a breath of fresh air; a serene escape and inspiring evening "go-to" in my life. My girlfriends and husband love it too! Courtney has that special magic and charisma that makes attending her yoga class a wonderful way to renew from within, bringing positive impact to the lives of those she teaches. Thank you, Kamal Yoga! I have been waiting seventeen years (since I moved here) for you to arrive! XOXO!"


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The  Kamal Yoga mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for people of all ages and limitations to explore the practice of yoga. It doesn't matter what you believe or where you come from, you are welcome at our studio. We are committed to bringing increased health, happiness, and harmony to those in your Kula.


Courtney Evans founded Kula Yoga in January 2017. Kula means a community of the heart, a group coming together of its own free will. An intentional community, a family.  


She started classes in a shared space with her former English teacher and local Martial Arts instructor, Patrick Schleeter of Schleeter's Academy of Martial Arts. In October of 2017, the Kula grew and moved to the old Freelance building. 


In August 2018, we changed our name to Kamal yoga studio to adapt and grow with the digital world and developed an app.  Our logo of a Lotus flower was a perfect fit. We feel it represents all of our challenges and shows that growing through the mud can produce a beautiful flower at the end. We believe in the growth and expansion of the yoga practice and our intentions are to continue to grow with our community, our Kula.

In March 2020, we moved into the clocktower plaza at 401 McCray St. We added infrared heat and offer heated classes every day. 

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1. Click the calendar below

2. Choose a date​ and time

3. Book the class you're interested in

4. Create your Kamal account and sign up, or login to your account

5. Once you do that, you're signed up and ready to go to your class! 


Pricing Plans

Drop In

Drop in classes are $20 each. First class is free.

5 Class Package

Our 5 class package expires 2 months after purchase for $90.

Month to Month

Unlimited month to month classes are $156

Unlimited Monthly

Unlimited autopay is $120 a month.

Unlimited Yearly

Our unlimited yearly package is $1200 per year.